The diagonal of Pythagoras

I will tell the story of Aradeo, a man curious about the world.

His curiosity so useful in many circumstances led him in a difficult situation, tragic, he found himself reluctantly involved in a murder and was accused of being the author.

Magna Graecia, late sixteenth century BC. The young Aradeo is caught in a public square with a dead body still warm in his arms, while holding the murder weapon. But things are not what they seem. Behind the murder of Hippasus - considered one of the greatest mathematicians of his time - hides a ruthless power struggle between two factions that contend for government of Crotone. Arardeo’s daring escape from his persecutors - which crosses the Diagonal of Pythagoras Andrea Guidi - is intertwined with the solution of a mathematical mystery destined to shock the world-view of the Pythagoreans.


Introduction by Simone Siliani

    • Nasta
    • Hippasus
    • The Battle of the River Festival
    • The ten points
    • Theano, Trophonius, Milita
    • Croton
    • The station to Metaponto
    • Cylon
    • The Master
    • The Pentagram
    • The tetrad
    • The death of Aradeo
    • The oligarchs
    • The Temple of Hera
    • The Pentagon
    • Hatred
    • The precipice
    • Epilogue



    • Appendix A Amicable numbers
    • Appendix B Perfect numbers
    • Appendix C Incommensurable
    • Appendix D Extreme and mean ratio
    • Appendix E Fibonacci
    • Appendix F The Last Theorem
    • Appendix G prime numbers are infinite
    • Appendix H The square root of 2 is not a rational number
    • Appendix I The ratio of side and diagonal of the regular pentagon
    • Appendix J The Golden Number
    • Appendix K Relation between φ and the Fibonacci sequence
    • Appendix L The most irrational of irrational
    • Appendix M The Pythagorean triples are endless

The thriller The diagonal of Pythagoras (author Andrea Guidi) is included along with "Beyond the sky of the righteous" in the book:

The Secret of Pythagoras (Italian version)

La Lepre Editions

ISBN: 978-88-96052-35-8

Pages: 410

First edition: May 2011

Series: Visions

Contacts for the publication of "The Secrets of Pythagoras" in English.

Suddenly his life changed completely, from a free man, who could devote his life to passion, to live with joy and love in the bosom of his family, he found himself hunted like prey. He had to escape, and while escaping he had to look for evidence of his innocence.

We'll see Aradeo fleeing desperately, questing in the world, climbing onto the canvas of memory to find a way out. While escaping he meets a woman, a woman who attracts him and returns, and when a man and a woman meet, and are in the dark intimacy of a cave, you know ...

In unraveling the mystery behind the political and philosophical layer lies the mathematical discovery of the irrational that undermines the world concept of the Pythagorean School.

A thriller in the period of the mathematician Pythagoras in Magna Graecia.